Oxygen Administration, Heartstart & Diver First Aid Course

Course Overview

The Oxygen Administration, Heartstart  & Diver First Aid courses are normally held concurrently as a one day course. Alternatively, the 3 modules may be delivered individually or in any combination.


Scope of the awards

All three courses are regarded as endorsements and are intended for qualified Sport Divers and above.


Oxygen administration

The aim of this course is to teach the safe administration of oxygen as a means of increasing the effectiveness in the treatment of diving accidents; to recognize the necessity of early identification of medical emergencies and the access to emergency services; to give an increasing understanding in the effective use of life support techniques.



This course aims to equip candidates with the skills needed to deal with a cardiac arrest without the assistance of a defibrillator (AED). Trainees are taught the correct procedures for approaching the distressed person and are shown the appropriate technique for CPR and patient care. The course is based on the well established "Heartstart Programme" and uses video demonstrations which assist in understanding symptoms and cardiac distress.


Diver First Aid

This course explains appropriate techniques for recognizing and treating common diver injuries such as bleeding, stings, hypothermia and exhaustion.



It is strongly recommended that all qualified divers should attend this course as early in their diving career as possible and repeat the course as a refresher on a regular basis.



  • There are no pre-requites other than current membership of ScotSAC.

  • All of these courses are now delivered free of charge to ScotSAC members as part of our commitment to safety and appropriate training of volunteers.