Deep Rescue

Course Overview

The Deep Rescue course will teach divers to perform a controlled buoyant lift of an unconscious diver from 30m to the surface safely.

The Sport Diver Award includes a rescue from 10m but the award permits diving to 30m. Similarly the Master diver assessment requires a rescue from 15m but when qualified Master Divers can dive to 40m.

This award will demonstrate and give a diver confidence in their ability to rescue a casualty from 30m. 


All divers must satisfy the following prerequisites;

  1. Hold current membership of the Scottish Sub-Aqua Club.

  2. Hold current medical certificate.

  3. Have been a ScotSAC Sport Diver or equivalent for at least 18 months.

  4. Hold the 20m and 30m ascents for Master Diver Award

  5. Hold the dry suit endorsement unless diving in semi dry suit

  6. 5 dives between 25/35m must be completed before course - a Master Diver Branch Instructor must accompany Sport Divers for these dives.

  7. Have completed the Master Diver rescue assessment (15m) within the previous 6 months, or have demonstrated the ability to conduct the Master Diver rescue within that timescale


Scope of the award

This course involves practical elements and assessment is in the form of a successful controlled buoyant lift of a diver from 30m.


Training and assessment:

  • The Deep Rescue (30m) may be taught and assessed by all Instructors (Master Diver Branch Instructor or above) who currently hold the Deep Rescue award
  • The instructor must be independent of the rescuer and casualty (i.e. cannot act as the casualty)
  • ScotSAC has a mannequin that can be kitted up and used as the casualty for this exercise (to avoid using a volunteer) – if you would like to use the mannequin in your branch please contact HQ to make the necessary arrangements.