Branch Instructor Award


The Branch Instructor (BI) qualification is our core instructor award, allowing BIs to instruct new members of their own Branch to take their first steps in learning to dive. During the BI course and training, you will learn the basic skills needed to instruct diving safely and in a way that is fun. You should be keen to relay your own knowledge to others and help them to grasp the skills they need to enjoy the sport. It will be hard work sometimes but can also be very rewarding. At the end it will have been your training that gave your branch that newly qualified and competent diver.



At the time of application to become a BI, the candidate must:

  • Hold current membership of ScotSAC

  • Hold a current medical certificate

  • Be of age 18 or over

  • Have been a ScotSAC Sport Diver or equivalent for at least 18 months

  • Have at least 75 correctly logged dives in UK or similar waters

  • Have completed the Sport Diver – Dive Leadership training components or hold a recognised ‘Dive Leader’ qualification

  • Have attended the Master Diver lectures:

    • Advanced Decompression and Safety and

    • Emergency Procedures

  • Have the recommendation of the Branch Diving Officer

  • If the branch has an Acting BDO, the recommendation of the Regional Coach is also required.


Scope of the award

At the time of the application for the Instructor Course the candidate must submit proof of their current Medical Certificate along with the BI Course Recommendation Form.

  1. Candidates will be required to complete the one-day ScotSAC Branch Instructor Course.

  2. Complete 2 practical pool sessions of at least one-hour sessions under supervision of your Branch Diving Officer and Regional Coach or nominated Regional Instructor or Examiner.

  3. Complete 2 practical open water sessions under supervision of your Branch Diving Officer and Regional Coach or nominated Regional Instructor or Examiner (1 Open Water assessment shall be a rescue refresher).

  4. Depending on the status of their branch with regard to the PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) scheme, the candidate may also be required to undergo a PVG check.

The post course assessments shall be completed within 12 months of course attendance. 

Candidates who do not complete within this time are required to attend a further course


Course Dates

Branch Instructor Courses are held throughout the year.

Contact the BI Course Director for further information. The cost of the course is currently covered by the training budget and is therefore FREE to candidates. This reflects ScotSAC's commitment to volunteers.

Course Director: BI Course Director

Instructors from other organisations who are crossing over and do not meet the above pre-requisites should contact the BI Course Director via ScotSAC HQ.