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We have Branches throughout Scotland and northern England. If you'd like to join us, you should first contact your local Branch. You can find out where your local Branch is based using our Branch Finder. In order to be a Member of ScotSAC, you must also be a member of a ScotSAC Branch and vice versa.

Current Membership fees are:

Membership Type

1st Year Subscription

Annual Subscription after 1st year




Joint (cost for pair)



Junior (14-17 yrs)






Associate (non diving)






Junior Snorkeler <14




**Family membership covers up to 4 people (children up to the age of 18 years only). For each additional person please contact HQ
*Students please enclose a copy of your matriculation card


Got any questions about joining ScotSAC? Please see our Membership FAQ for further information, or contact HQ if you have a query that isn't listed. 


How to Join ScotSAC

You can register your details on ScotSAC’s Go Membership platform using the “Join  / Log In Here“ button on the blue banner at the top of the ScotSAC website home page.

When you have done this and chosen your password, you can log in and view your details.

You need to know which club you wish to join and have made contact with them before proceeding further.  Details of the clubs in your area can be found via the Branch finder on the Go membership registration page or you can find clubs close to you via the “Branches” button on the ScotSAC website home page

You will be guided through the process of submitting a medical declaration and buying membership when you have been approved by the club you wish to join.

You will not be able to purchase membership without submitting a medical self-declaration but if you answer “yes” to any of the questions your medical declaration will be referred on to ScotSAC’s medical referee. The turn-around time for that is often no more than 24 hours.