Child Protection


At the Scottish Sub Aqua Club (ScotSAC) we want Junior members (all children and young people under 18 years) to stay safe and have fun while taking part in snorkelling and scuba activities. Everyone involved in ScotSAC has a duty to safeguard the welfare of all juniors in their care. ScotSAC has made a commitment to promote safe practice and to protect juniors from harm, abuse and exploitation. This duty extends to the prevention of physical, sexual or emotional abuse of any junior and shall be applied regardless of a junior’s gender, race, religion, sexuality or disability. You can read our Child Protection Policy, Code of Conduct and Procedure for Responding to Concerns below; or take a note of the relevant contacts should you need them.

You can contact ScotSAC’s Child Protection Officer by: 



Where a junior’s immediate safety is at risk, contact the local police (999 or 101) or local social work department for advice.



For general help and advice you can visit  Safeguarding in Sport - Child Wellbeing and Protection. There are also contact details at the bottom of their page.



You will find Good practice guidance for Child Wellbeing and Protection half-way down the Children 1st Guidance page.  This is the current guidance from sportscotland and Children 1st that we should follow.  Please note that the ScotSAC specific Partnership with Parents form is in the Further Information section below.



Child Protection Policy

2019.01.16 Anti Bullying Policy .docx

Code of Conduct for the Protection of Juniors in ScotSAC

Recruitment and Selection of Instructors with Juniors Responsibility

Request for permission to use camera and video equipment

Good Practice Partnership with Parents

Responding to concerns about a Junior

Significant Incident Form