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Why Join?

Our main aim is to encourage safe and enjoyable diving for all Members. We do this by maintaining a comprehensive training programme throughout our Clubs and by organising dives, expeditions and advanced courses.

Our long-established safety record is second to none, and is maintained by extensive training and backed by incident analysis which has been running since the 1970s.

ScotSAC members receive many benefits, including our bi-monthly Scottish Diver magazine, a Diver Training Pack, and Diver Training resources. All members are also provided with insurance cover for protection against third-party liabilities.

We run an Annual Diving Conference along with various training courses and expeditions.

How to Join

New members can join using the Go Membership membership and events portal at the “Join / Log in here” button (in the blue banner at the top of the website page)   Existing members can renew their memberships by the same route by logging in using their user name and password.

ScotSAC has clubs throughout Scotland and northern England. If you'd like to join ScotSAC, you should contact your local club. You can find out where your local club  is based using our Branch Finder. Get in touch with the BDO who will tell you everything you need to know about starting to dive with ScotSAC, from arranging a "try dive" to advice on medicals and the ScotSAC training programme. In order to be a Member of ScotSAC, you must also be a member of a ScotSAC club and vice versa.

Membership Fees

From 1st April 2014 

Membership Type

1st Year Subscription

Annual Subscription after 1st year




Joint (cost for pair)



Junior (14-17 yrs)






Associate (non diving)






Junior Snorkeler <14



Branch Members normally also pay a Branch levy, set locally by the Branch committee, and ScotSAC membership fees. The local Branch levy varies depending on the type of equipment the branch has and other circumstances. For example Branches who have a dive boat or compressor may have higher annual levies than those that don't.

**Family membership covers up to 4 people (children up to the age of 18 years only), for each additional person please contact HQ
*Students please enclose a copy of your matriculation card


Already have Diving Qualifications?

Every year, thousands of us venture overseas on holiday and take part in a variety of diving including taster courses and intensive short courses. Divers who have trained with other organisations can cross over to ScotSAC. 

When you join, your Branch Diving Officer will review your previous diving qualifications and experience and advise on any training or assessments required to transfer to ScotSAC. Visit our crossover page for further information.

Medical Information

All diving members of The Scottish Sub Aqua Club must complete a medical self declaration to confirm their fitness to dive.

Any Member answering 'Yes' to any of the questions on the self declaration will automatically be referred to the ScotSAC Medical Advisor, a practicing GP and diving doctor. In most cases this is a simple process and involves the Medical Advisor reviewing the information you provide on your form to determine your fitness to dive. In a small number of cases, you may be contacted for further information, or asked to visit a diving doctor for a full medical.

New and renewing membership will not be processed without a valid medical declaration. Referral to our Medical Advisor may delay the processing of your application by no more than 24/48 hours.

Lapsed Members

ScotSAC members who have allowed their membership to lapse for less than 6 months will be required to pay the usual annual subscription, and their membership will be backdated to the original renewal date. For example: if the original renewal date is in January and payment is received in March, the next annual subs will become due in January of the following year.

If membership has lapsed for over 6 months the membership payment is the same but the next date of renewal will be 12 months from when payment is received.

ScotSAC Direct

In addition to our clubs throughout Scotland and Northern England we also operate a special club known as ScotSAC Direct. ScotSAC Direct offers membership of ScotSAC to those unable to join a standard club

Applications for ScotSAC Direct must be made via HQ (link sends e-mail) and are considered by the Board on a case by case basis. ScotSAC has a strong history of Branch diving and encourages all Members to remain within a club environment but we realise that there may be some cases (e.g. living overseas) where this is not possible.

Members of ScotSAC Direct pay the normal membership fees and receive the same benefits. However, this is a non-training club and therefore only open to those with existing qualifications who do not wish to progress with further training.