The Scottish Sub Aqua Club (ScotSAC) is recognised and supported by sportscotland as the National Governing Body for the sport of SCUBA diving in Scotland. We are a non-profit, amateur club, run by volunteers at all levels.


ScotSAC was founded in Govan, early in 1953, by a small group of like-minded enthusiasts, with a shared love for “underwater swimming”.  This makes us the longest running amateur diving organisation in the UK, and one of the longest running in Europe. By the 1960s we had grown to 10 branches and have expanded steadily thereafter. Our clubs are found all over Scotland with a number in the North of England, all of which operate individually under the ScotSAC umbrella and benefit from central support, training and insurance. 

Although we cannot offer the range of courses which commercial and semi commercial organisations offer, our training in Scottish waters will prepare you to dive anywhere in the world and in the sociable atmosphere of your chosen club here in Scotland. 

Many long term friendships have been generated within clubs.  There have even been marriages. 

Our mission is:

  • To enable the safe enjoyment of our underwater world 
  • To promote amateur diving through a club/branch system in Scotland or nearby
  • To offer the development of diver skills in a planned and progressive structure while recognising qualifications from other agencies
  • To make the sport of SCUBA diving more widely available to potential divers within Scotland and neighbouring locations 

The Club system is core to our approach.  Depending on the branch, a club member will have access to regular dive trips, expeditions, courses and of course, various social activities may be organised. 

We also have an impressive, long-established safety record, which is second to none, maintained by our locally focussed training and backed by incident analysis which has been running since the 1970s. 

Every year, many of us venture overseas on holiday and/or take part in a variety of diving including taster courses and intensive short courses to develop our skills. 

ScotSAC welcomes divers of all abilities, so whether you've already qualified with another agency, or are a complete novice, you can still reap the benefits that ScotSAC membership offers.  When you join you'll become part of a group of underwater enthusiasts, where you can safely enjoy extending your skills and diving experience or learning to dive, preparing yourself to discover what our amazing underwater world has to offer. 

What does it cost and how do I join?