Covid 19 Update


Apparently there are a number of Covid 19 scams on the go.  You may find this link useful,

Covid-19 3rd July Update


Please read the updated information on the Covid-19 advice and support page following the First Minister's announcement yesterday

Covid-19 Medical Guidance


The UKDMC have developed a score card for divers to assess whether or not it is safe for them to go diving, if they have had, or think they may have had Covid 19. 

Full information including the score card is available on the Covid-19 advice and support page

Safe Return to Diving


Please read the latest update on the Covid-19 Advice and Support page detailing ScotSAC's guidance on a "safe" return to diving on 3rd July

Medical Form


The new form is now available on the website.  It has been amended to include questions about Cancer and Covic 19.  Please supply additional information where requested. 

Keep checking the Government Website for the latest information on Covic 19.