Eyemouth: Green Ends Gully and Nestends

You may have heard some news about the access road to this popular dive site. It is hoped the access road can be re-routed.

The harbour trust are keen to hear the views of interested parties including the diving community.

ScotSAC has been in touch with Eyemouth Harbour trust today and the NDO is to attend a meeting on Tuesday at which interested parties will have the opportunity to discuss the way forward and to provide information about usage of the site.

Christine Bell, Business Manager for Eyemouth Harbour Trust offered this,

“For background: Eyemouth Harbour Trust intend to lease an area at Gunsgreen Basin to construct an operations and maintenance facility for an offshore windfarm. This will bring new employers into the town and we have had generally positive feedback so far following local consultation. The development will alter the layout of the area to the north of the basin. This will cover the current entry point to the dive shore access road, therefore realignment and embankment engineering are required. There has been some misguided speculation over the last 24 hours on social media but to clarify the situation, the intention is to relocate the access route, not close it. Options for alternative routes are being considered with a view to submitting a planning application in the near future”