New Administration & Finance Officer.


There has been another change of office personnel at headquarters  We are delighted to welcome Dannielle Nisbet to the post of Admin & Finance Officer. She is settling in very well and is busy learning all about ScotSAC. She is currently working 30 hours Monday to Thursday and you can contact her by the usual means of email and/or telephone, or if you can, why not drop into the office to say "Hello".

Board of Directors.


Hobby Fisherman legialation.


Some of you will already be aware of the recent legislation regarding daily catch limits for certain species of shellfish from unlicensed boats.
The board are of the opinion that, while, as a training organisation, we cannot involve
ourselves in this debate we wish to bring this legislation to your attention.
There are serious implications for dive boats and their owners for breaching this new regulation.
ScotSAC advice therefore is that should you wish to have your say about this, then your local Member of  the Scottish Parliament should be your first port of call.
Board of Directors
August 2017.

Membership cards


Following on from the IT issue last week there are still some issues to be fixed and card maker software is one of them. Please bear with us while we sort out the computer issues and in the meantime please use your qualification certificates.



An IT issue at HQ


ScotSAC has recently been the target of ransomeware which caused a considerable amount of disruption to our computer systems. However, I am pleased to report that our systems are now back up and running, although there may be further work required over time. We are confident that no personal and sensitive data was compromised and our systems have now had improved protection and security installed. However, there will inevitably now be a delay in processing memberships and issuing cards, so please bear with us. Many thanks must go to Geoff our Director with IT responsibility and to Rod for rearranging their lives and devoting a great deal of time to sorting out this problem.

Edna Ewan


New ScotSAC Admin & Finance Officer


We are delighted to welcome Helen Aitken as the new Administration & Finance Officer with ScotSAC.

Helen comes to us from a background of office and financial management which will hopefully mean that she will get to grips with ScotSAC’s policies and procedures fairly quickly. She is going to spend a little bit of time with Kate before she starts, but please allow her some time to settle in and find her way around.

Her starting date is  22nd May  and she will be working 30 hours per week over 5 days. Expect the answering machine to be on outwith the hours of 10.00.a.m. and and 13.00 – 15.00. Please also bear in mind that when she works late to cover NDC and Board meetings, she needs to take time back.

I hope you will give Helen a warm welcome.

Edna Ewan
ScotSAC Chair